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by TacticalModz » 9 days ago

ValkNet is now back online. 24/7 isn't here yet and you must all understand that I also have college and my schedule is so big I have so many things to work at once but on weekends I put all my motivation into development super hard to get things done!


24/7 is still disabled on ValkNet and unavailable to be used. It will be here by tomorrow or Monday, I'm putting all my motivation from all the hate into ValkNet! I have also added more stuff to Trello be sure to check it out!


Upcoming Updates:


Be sure to read the checklist of each one as they have some good features, Stay tuned an ETA on them on when they will be worked on. GroupManager is gonna get worked on soon as permissions lags and takes a few seconds to apply permission to a rank you selected which it is annoying players a few and sometimes can lag out people, Prepare for that bug fix.


Anyways, Nothing new but installing or uninstalling plugins now has a 5 second cooldown to prevent huge major lag to ValkNet. I have seen issues with plugins when installing tons of plugins at once causes ValkNet services to go down and drop tps to 12 and can crash possibly of 70%.


This cooldown will prevent it even more of lagging ValkNet and we will still be looking into more improvements as we progress!


You may now join back with ValkNet.minehut.gg or /join ValkNet!



Want to get to know me? I'm a pretty nice person, I like to chill and hang out with people and just having conversations how their day is going or if they are having a bad day. ❤️️
I'm a developer, I like to script ValkNet for passion. ValkNet is an amazing community service that I provide for the whole minehut community. I'm a very active developer who keeps in touch with their players and the staff team on a daily basis.
I'm the owner of ValkNet. I've been hosting it for 5 years and still continue to host it from this day on 😊
Make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel as I upload official ValkNet tutorials and a series of life as an owner and much more to come!