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In the server list the paper that shows how many free/premium servers is broken. For premium it shows -3... Thats not correct haha.

1 day ago

1. Troll Commands
.2 TP Pads

Troll Commands:
Troll players in a fun way! /troll will then give you a list of trolls! You type /troll (PLAYER) (TROLL) and it will troll them! 1 funny troll I think should be added should be /troll (PLAYER) PandaGod
The PandaGod troll will basically spawn an armor stand that looks like TacticalModz and will kick the player from the player server.

TP Pads:
Easy way to teleport players around the map. If you have a level type server, and you want them to be able to teleport to the next level, you can. Easily type /tppad create (TPPadName) (Name Of The Pad You Want it to Teleport to)
Awesome ways for people to create more and unique servers!

3 days ago

How Does it Work?

You can install it from the plugins menu (Premium) and you do /banhammer and (its a permission aswell) and it will give you a glowing diamond axe, and when you hit people with it, it will ban them from the server


It can be a fun item for banning cheaters! It can also open a menu when hitting someone to pick a reason to ban them!

7 days ago