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Hello everyone, I am making a return, because I feel like I could make a good quality server for the valk community to enjoy. So I will be playing Valk now!

5 months ago

I have come to a decision that I am quitting valknet, and probably will never come back. I have had a great time, and I am glad that all of the players liked me. This could be a little hard on some people, and it is kind of shocking how I went from playing valknet all the time, to just quitting. The servers have started to get boring, and there aren't any good servers anymore. I have already left all of the discord servers. I might keep my forums account.

It was fun, but I'm gone.


6 months ago

I have only been playing ValkNet for 2 months, and I think that a lot of people know me (that have probably at least played for 2 weeks). I am just asking a question for a survey.




Reply your answer!

8 months ago

Just wondering, is there any way I can get hands on a valknet logo (png transparent) for a logo? If proper credit is required for the image, then I will gladly put credit. I just need it to finish off a logo I am making for AlbieGames's server, Mythic. So please let me know if I can get a logo. Thank you!


9 months ago

I know everytime it goes on a reset it takes away your rank, it can be recovered easily by asking tac.

9 months ago