Terms of Service
You will agree to these terms of service (the "Service") that we operate for you.

Act of wild use of entities
Any kind of use such as spawners or spamming entities in your server will not be tolerated. As this creates lag on the network, Such as creating a dark room where mobs naturally spawn in. You're responsible for the number of entities inside of your server!

Server Name Violation
Any kind of inappropriate or illegal names or external server names should not be tolerated. You're responsible for the use of naming your server!

Any kind of servers such as anarchy servers are not allowed as this encourages player's to break rules and therefore ValkNet Staff Team has to deal with. This also includes promoting hacks making a server that is allowing hacks to use, This encourages player's to download certain files

Inappropriate Content
Any kind of content that may be unsuitable for children will not be tolerated this includes NSFW content.

MOTD Violation
Please refrain from using MOTDs that may contain URL links, inappropriate messages or spammy names.

No type of advertisement such as External Servers or Malicious Links on player servers.

Redstone Contraptions
Please refrain from using any kind of Redstone circuit that may affect our server performance this includes Redstone clocks, Piston repeaters, block tossers etc
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