Valksystems has released on minehut! You can join via

By agreeing to the policy payment agreement ("policy agreement") that we operate for you. Any infringement with any payments a further punishment will occur.

You're responsible for any payments on our store, If you make a purchase on ValkSystems understand that you're not eligible of chargebacks or forcing a refund on our network. If you ever have a(n) issue of making a purchase, Please contact ValkSystems Support so we can help you! (#info)

You're forbidden of making a chargeback on the ValkyrieSystems community, Please note that making a chargeback will lead to an instant blacklist.

When you decide to refund a payment that you have made on ValkSystems, Contact ValkSystems Support and give us much detail as possible so we can help you in the process. You must provide a TransactionID or an email payment that you have bought an item from our store!

You're not eligible to refund any items from our store if the purchase is 1 month old. If the purchased item is not 1 month old, You're eligible to make a refund and money will be returned back guaranteed.

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