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The annoying bug with GroupManager where it lags and cannot instant click any permission.

I have overhaul groupmanager on how permissions now apply to ranks!


I have also fixed the lag issue and it is 100% instant click and there is also a 1s cooldown to prevent command spam as this also can affect ValkNet performance but overall, It works perfectly!



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This has been asked for a very long time and here is the update... You can now finally add kits towards to your ValkNet player servers!



  • /createkit (kit name) | Creates a kit with the items you have in your inventory.
  • /deletekit (kit name) | Deletes the kit.
  • /kits | Displays all kits that are available to use.
  • /kit (kit name) | Grabs a kit.



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ValkNet is now back online. Just a few changes of what I have done to ValkNet:


New Features:

  • Limit servers upto 10 servers online that has a free plan
  • System for premium servers to override server limit (bypass 10 servers online)


Bug Patches:

  • Fixed random issue with hunger bar dropping at random moments


Be prepared for more frequent updates with bug updates & tons of new features coming this Sunday!


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Maintenance News #1 4 days ago

So.. i did not touch ValkNet yet since i put into Maintenance Mode

and after college i came home got onto my PC and i saw all ValkNet files are missing...


This doesn't mean ValkNet has completely resetted. All player server worlds are still saved, I will have to re-do everything and get all the settings to how they were!



Your server is not DELETED! Your server world is completely fine, Just re-create it via /create (your old server name) and everything will be restored...

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ValkNet Online! 9 days ago

ValkNet is now back online. 24/7 isn't here yet and you must all understand that I also have college and my schedule is so big I have so many things to work at once but on weekends I put all my motivation into development super hard to get things done!


24/7 is still disabled on ValkNet and unavailable to be used. It will be here by tomorrow or Monday, I'm putting all my motivation from all the hate into ValkNet! I have also added more stuff to Trello be sure to check it out!


Upcoming Updates:

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