ValkyrieNetwork Rules!

Every aforementioned rule applies to all ValkNet services.

Do not harass other players (applies to player servers)
This includes behaving in a way that will make another player feel uncomfortable, humiliated or threatened. Sending a user unwanted or inappropriate messages, or stalking them in-game is not tolerated.

Do not flame or intentionally annoy other players 
Show respect for all players, do not try to intentionally irritate others. For example, speaking about politics or religion.

Be respectful to staff members
Staff members are here the moderate the server. Please be polite to staff members as they always will be to you. If you ever have an issue with a staff member do not announce it and instead, report it to the server administrator or the developer(owner)

Do not ask for personal information (applies to player servers)
You are not permitted to ask players for personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, age ETC

No offensive skins
Use of any offensive/inappropriate symbols, characters, or images on skins is not tolerated.

Do not advertise
Do not promote your server onto our network. Such as "hey guys come check this server out its way better" Or advertise any external servers that is not related to Minehut or is related. This also includes advertising/sharing links across the community in itself or contribute players to go to these links without noticing on what these links may do or harm such one and another.

Do not evade punishments
Logging onto ANY account to bypass a current punishment will result in further punishment

Chat Spam
Do not spam public chat. This includes excessive caps, repeated messages, excessive short messages (such as countdowns) and character spam (such as "noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!").

Threats (applies to player servers)
Do not threaten to hack, DOS, DDOS or otherwise attack the server or other players. You will be banned permanently even if you meant it as a joke. This also includes death threats!

Listen to Staff
Our staff are not here to be Royalty or be above the other players, they are here to help keep order and help players. Do not ignore a staff member, and obey what they tell you. If you feel you’ve been wrongly treated by a staff member, contact the server owner (TacticalModz)

Discrimination (applies to player servers)
Discrimination against race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, sexual identity, national origin, age, or disability will not be tolerated. We understand that some people will view themselves as able to say certain words due to their background, we do not allow that here.

Building (applies to player servers)
You may not build structures that are very likely to cause lag. These include continuous Redstone clocks, structures using an excessive amount of block entities, and farms that use light as a means to farm crops. There is a hard limit on certain types of block entities to prevent further issues.

Begging to Become Staff
We sometimes take staff applications or we close it as if we feel it's not enough for the players. The executive staff handpick players who exemplify good behaviour and embody what they feel makes a good moderator. Joining the server for the first time & asking to apply is unacceptable. We don't accept staff hunters!

We are not going to waste our bandwidth and server resources on someone who is spreading negative things about ValkNet or on our forums either.

Do not keep spamming the staff team when no one answers
As the staff team members may be very busy at the time you are trying to talk to them please do not spam them with constant messages asking the same thing or just saying their name. This also applies when you are muted, do not spam or continually message staff or other members as it won't resolve anything.

Keep ValkNet Family Friendly
- The use of mild language, such as 'damn' or 'hell' is the most excessive language allowed. Every type of profanity has a nicer alternative, so please use those instead. Most inappropriate words are filtered on ValkNet, so don't try to bypass this.
- Even censored or abbreviated foul language is not allowed. Acronyms are acceptable as long as you do not spell out the full meaning with a banned word (Example: lmao is okay).
- Keep in mind the topics of your discussion/gameplay. Things like drugs, alcohol, sexual activities, etc are not suitable for our server because we are
Family Friendly.
- Keep your character skins family appropriate.

Do not be rude to others (applies to player servers)
- No insults, name-calling, or other general rude behaviour against other players.
- Do not make public accusations against or gossip about other players.
- Be mindful and tolerant of players with other religions, ethnic backgrounds, political views, etc than what you may have. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Theirs may contradict yours, but that doesn't mean it's wrong.

Public Drama (applies to player servers)
- Intentionally doing anything that is likely to cause public upset, arguments, riots, or any other negative action, for any reason, is not allowed
 - Publicly stating that you are cheating or breaking the rules as a joke is a form of causing public drama. If you state that you are breaking the rules, you will be punished for the rule you are claiming to break.

Blacklisted Modification (applies to player servers)
 Do not use any kind of hack client such as Wurst, Jigsaw, Ghost, LiquidBounce ETC. Any of these kinds will not be tolerated in any or form. You are making the game unfair for other players and we kindly ask you not to hack, Thank you!

 Usernames used that are hard to read, spammy, inappropriate, or to imitate the name of another player are not allowed.

Treat others with respect (applies to player servers)
There’s no need to say or do things to make others feel bad or upset. Racism, sexism, and any other kinds of discrimination or discriminatory language will not be tolerated. Trolling and flaming (generally defined as provoking a person/situation to get a response) are also not allowed.

Fake donation
 Any form of faking any donation(s) will lead to a blacklist from the ValkNet services!

Once you bought a rank you are not permitted to chargeback! You will be blacklisted from the ValkNet services!

Suicidal Encouragement (applies to player servers)
 Both of these offences are not taken lightly on the network. Whether you say this in a joking manner or actually mean it, in both situations, you will be muted or likely be banned from our network.

DDoS Or Dox Comedy (applies to player servers)
 Both of these are highly illegal, and will not be tolerated on our network. Whether you say this in a joking manner or actually mean it, in both situations this offence will result in a permanent ban.

You are responsible for your action
 We've heard this way too much and it gets to the point that we see all over the internet. "It was my brother/sister, not me" or like "I was afk I think it was my brother/sister did it" All of that nonsense will not be tolerated in any way or form

 Impersonation (applies to player servers)
(Includes impersonating YouTubers, streamers, ValkNet staff or Minehut Staff) Please note impersonate or pretend to be a staff member. Staff members can be recognized by the prefix/tag on their names. Do not pretend to be something you’re not. This includes falsifying information about relationships with staff members (ex: family or friends).

If your plan is to apply for staff in the future, but start off by helping others, that’s wonderful. However please respect that you are not staff yet, therefore should not act or answer questions like one. We welcome and encourage gameplay-related help and assistance, which promotes community and an enjoyable environment. We do not encourage commanding attitudes and server-related assumptions. We have no problem with players helping other players, we encourage it and there’s nothing wrong with it. However, please do not act as though you are a staff member. This is a form of impersonation, even though you may explicitly state that you are not related to the staff team. We ask that you do not answer questions you are unsure of, or state server-related speculations that not been confirmed.

 - ValkyrieNetwork is a community where users should be helpful to one another.
- Telling or threatening others with the consequences of breaking the rules is considered mini-modding and is not allowed.
- Please be wary about how you inform others of breaking the rules. Being demeaning, condescending or rude could come off as mild mini-modding as opposed to being helpful.
- If the consequences need to be spelt out, please leave that to the staff online. As we deal with things on a case-by-case basis, it's impossible to know exactly what a staff member would actually do to a member breaking the rules, even if you can give a good guess.

Ban Baiting (applies to player servers)
 Enticing, baiting, aggravating, or otherwise bribing or probing someone into saying or doing something that will result in a ban is not permitted. Tricking people into performing tasks or saying things that will get them banned is also not permitted.

English Only (applies to player servers)
Please only use English in public chats. We are unable to moderate the discussion in other languages and you will be asked to take it to talk it privately via /msg. If its discord please do it by DM the user! (Direct Message)

No Self-promotions (applies to player servers)
Never promote other Minecraft servers, Realms, or Discord servers in any of our public chats. You may share this type of content in a private message, but only if the recipient requested the information first

Discussing other servers (applies to player servers)
Do not discuss (TALK) other servers on our network. May lead to advertising the server or actually saying the server name or maybe will encourage other players to leave and go check it out what you're talking about.

Discord Name
Your discord name must be your Minecraft name. inappropriate, spammy names ETC or such as special characters is not allowed

Intentional Spam
Players intentionally clogging chat by means such as posting song lyrics, Wikipedia articles, posting using one word at a time etc. We advise you not to do this in any way or form.

Realm Advertisements
If you'd like someone to join you in your Realms, Please via /msg the user instead than rather advertising.

Just messing around with your friend(s) doesn't mean you can help your friend or help other players to break the rules or knowingly benefiting from somebody breaking the rules.

Bug Exploit (applies to player servers)
Do not abuse the server setup, bugs or glitches. Report all bugs to the staff team and they will get in touch with the server developer.

Accusing member of Staff (applies to player servers)
A form of false accusing or lying to a staff member is punishable

Inappropriate discord Photos
inappropriate discord photos that are NSFW/not PG will not be acceptable for ValkNet in any way or form

Discord username advertisement

If your discord username & your minehut server name is somewhere the same or similar/familiar with each other this will not be tolerated on ValkNet. Even if it is your Minecraft name we ask you not to put your Minecraft name as your minehut server name!

Complaining (applies to player servers)
Complaining about of being punished is unacceptable behaviour and we don't tolerate that here in any way or form. If a member of staff tells you to stop this and if you continue they have the right to punish you in any way they feel like depending on the situation

Reporting (Forums)
 When you're reporting someone, Provide a valid/proper reason on why you are reporting that person for. Don't waste the staff team time, They're very busy and if you waste their time you will be punished. False reporting, Do not false report a player or mess with the system!
- Always provide evidence within the report
- Do not report staff on the forums, Report to TacticalModz
- Trolling, Harassing or false accusation to the staff team will not be tolerated

False accusation (applies to player servers)
 Spreading false information about a valknet staff member about false muting or banning a player will not be tolerated in any way or form. These staffs are dedicated & trustable to work with you and help you in any way they can!

 - When breaking a rule you may be kicked/banned without warning. Our staff can punish you in any way how they feel like, You take full responsibility for any action you commit towards to ValkNet.
- If you think you have been falsely punished by a staff member, We ask you nicely not to shout out at our lovely staff or tag them in discord or saying toxic things about them.
Please take the situation towards to the server administrator or the developer! (owner)

- If a staff member asks you to do a SS(screenshot or screen share) with you, Co-operate with the staff and your punishment will decrease as long you co-operate with us
 - Admitting/Joking about using disallowed mods/clients is strictly prohibited
 - Trolling/Joking about the usage of any hack clients will result in a punishment
 - Having incriminating files that are deliberately used to troll staff members during a SS will not be tolerated
 - Stopping/Pausing in a screen share will not be tolerated in any way or form
 - Modifying/Emptying your recycle bin directly will not be tolerated in any way or form.
- Recording/Streaming during a screen share will not be tolerated and we ask you nicely not to Record nor stream while you're in a sit with our staff members.

Final Words
Communicating with your fellow players is an important part of connecting with our community. We are proud to have players of all ages and from many different countries and beliefs. Keep the conversation civil and appropriate for everyone. If you have a disagreement with another player or are uncomfortable with their comments, tell a staff member. Staff have the discretion to decide if a player or conversation is inappropriate or disruptive.

Beliefs and Religions (applies to player servers)
Everyone has different beliefs and some people may be a Christian those who believe in God or those who believe in Jesus. A lot of people will disagree with your belief or dislike your religion just because of what you believe. Even though you don't believe it, Doesn't mean you can be disrespectful and be toxic to them. Respect everyone equally and we will have no issues
WARNING: Any arguments with beliefs/religions will be punished. This will result as Discrimination and may lead to a full blacklist from our network!

Spoilers  (applies to player servers)
Anyone or who for those post any spoilers or making jokes about spoils that could prompt people to spoil for movies. Anyone who share, post or just leak spoilers of any kind of movies such as avengers endgame will be punished severely!

Do not be aggressive in speech or action  (applies to player servers)
Be careful with the words you say cos they will be consequences. Don't let your bad temper of yours get out of control and be mindful with your actions the things you do that may lead to serious trouble with the staff team. We're trying to keep everyone at a good state with a friendly community with no toxic players or rude ones.

Swearing Excessively  (applies to player servers)
ValkNet is PG for people for the age of 8-12 or 15 or above but we like to keep the chat nice and friendly. Constantly swearing can lead to a permanent mute but we do not want anyone swearing even if you try to bypass you will still get punished for it.

No Warez or Unsafe Links (applies to player servers)
This includes NSFW, NSFL, or links to sites that people regret visiting in its broadest sense. Do not advertise or tell people to go to these links no matter what it is. Even if its a youtube link, Adlink ETC you're not permitted to put any links in public. The links can do anything and we can't be certain on what those links could do.

Griefing Servers (applies to player servers)
You're not permitted to grief any servers without authority from the server owner.

Login Spam (applies to player servers)
Do not constantly rejoining back the server as it does spam the server chat. Don't join back until your connection is fixed. This also includes just randomly leaving and joining the server just to spam chat is unacceptable behaviour.

No inappropriate messages, Spoilers, Accusations, Warez Links(any kind of links are included), Advertising(or realms) or leaking someone's password in your MOTD will not be tolerated in any way or form. This is a zero policy tolerance that may lead to a serious punishment

Server Names
Any kind of inappropriate messages, Warez Links(any kind of links are included), Advertising other server names and discord invites will not be tolerated. Keep your server name appropriate at all times!

Discord Custom Status
Any kind of inappropriate messages, Warez Links(any kind of links are included), Advertising other server names and discord invites will not be tolerated. Keep your discord status appropriate at all times!

Afking / Afk Machines
Please do not afk in the lobby or in player servers, As we want to keep the community active. We do this to prevent players from gaining playtime.
Do not make any kind of AFK machines to grind your playtime or just to keep your server online.

Offensive memes & References  (applies to player servers)
Any kind of memes or references that are taken in an offensive way this will be counted as General Disrespect
such as saying "shut up ok boomer" to any player on the network ETC

Illegal Discussions  (applies to player servers)
Any kind of illegal discussions such as COVID-19 talking about it or mention it will lead to serious punishment.
As we want to keep the community nice & calm and we don't want any drama going on, Just play the server & have fun!

Sexual Harassment  (applies to player servers)
Sexual Harassment is not tolerated in any shape or form in ValkNet.
This included things such as private messaging players asking things that may make them feel uncomfortable or talking/asking awkward questions that will make that player feel uncomfortable or just nervous to answer.
We have female players too and we don’t want them feeling uncomfortable when people approach them asking them questions that aren’t appropriate, Treat both genders equally.

Unknown/Sketchy Files
Uploading files that are likely to cause damage someone's computer will lead to an instant blacklist from the platform!

Reviewing Resources
Respect everyone's resource and just be polite and give your thoughts on how they can improve.
In any way or form do not be so rude or just say how bad the resource may be, This behaviour will not be tolerated!

Wasting staff Time
If you're here just to cause some trouble or waste the staff time, You will be banned from the network.
The staff team is here to enforce the rules & help players who're in need. Not here to mess around!
Our staff team are on a big schedule who tries their best to get online & moderate for ValkNet.

It's just a Joke
Such as threats, or just joking around having a laugh with your friends is fine but just because your friend
has been punished for the rule he has broken does not mean you can say it's just for a joke. Everyone will be punished if a rule is broken, Our staff are here to enforce to keep ValkNet in a clean environment!

Do not ping member of Staff
Do not ping member of staff in any discord server (support or the main discord). You may only ping them if you really need them if it's necessary!

Do not ping the owner/developer, He is a busy guy and he is trying to work & get updates out for everyone. Only ping the owner/developer if it's super important/necessary.


Forum Rules


If you’re going to debate, do it with respect. Making posts that are aggressive toward others is not permitted. If you’d like to share your opinion or banter, do so without breaking any rules. Excessive toxicity, consistently targeting another player, staff, or the server itself, or just overall purposefully trying to create a problem of yourself can result in punishment.

Bumping and Necro-posting
In the event that a thread or comment hasn’t been responded to or is inactive, do not bump the thread unless necessary. You may not reply to an old topic which has not been active over 1 month or more.

Be nice and Polite
Every member deserves to be treated with respect. Positive and polite posts create a friendly and welcoming environment that all members will feel comfortable in

 Remain on Topic
Threads should remain on the topic that they are discussing, they should not be discussing other topics. A new thread should be made for a new discussion

 Post in Relevant Section(s)
 Posting in the most relevant section will ensure threads are seen by members most interested in the subject. Threads posted in the wrong section will generally be moved by moderators

 Obey the Sectional Rules
All threads must be posted in their appropriate forums. If a thread is posted incorrectly, it may be moved by a staff member to the appropriate section. If the thread does not follow the set of rules for the forum section it is moved to, it may be locked without warning


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