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BrownieBrothers: 2 days ago
when do you think the external server will come out?

DragonBlaster235: 25 days ago
Whats a necro-post

Xx_cchoop_xx: 26 days ago
Your the best ever!!!!!!!

DragonBlaster235: 2 months ago
You are a chill dude.

sccpsteve: 3 months ago
Tacticalmodz I love you!

XSLAYDER_: 10 months ago
I typed the incorrect password and now I can't join with my account. what I can do?

luhmao: 12 months ago
idk how you do it

Micahjiggs: about 1 year ago
give me cookies

tranquilic: about 1 year ago
100% best skripter 11/10

Duuka: about 1 year ago
Honestly, The best owner/founder ever!



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Want to get to know me? I'm a pretty nice person, I like to chill and hang out with people and just having conversations how their day is going or if they are having a bad day. ❤️️ I'm a developer, I like to script ValkNet for passion. ValkNet is a fantastic community service that I provide for the whole minehut community. I'm a very active developer who keeps in touch with their players and the staff team on a daily basis. I'm the owner of ValkNet. I've been hosting it for 5 years and still continue to host it from this day on 😊


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Thanks for the support 5mmx, It's nice seeing you around time to time.



1 day ago



The only plugin I cannot accept is PerWorldPlugins as it only supports 1.8.1 not the latest version sadly



1 day ago

Hello everyone! I am quitting minehut due to their stupid updates and they have ruined everything of how ValkNet setup and I can no longer do it anymore...


We're finally going external! Please help me go external & donate here if you want to:



I had enough with minehut and I have decided to leave ONCE FOR ALL! Let's leave minehut and make ValkNet into a real Server Host! It's been 5 years and I can't believe minehut would do this to me and it been an honour!


There will be major changes to ValkNet Rules & our Server T.O.S!



2 days ago

Contact ValkNet Support via forums or discord.


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