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Avriix: 7 days ago
i make bad plugin ideas

oGrqpe: 23 days ago
ur aweso0me

DragonBlaster235: 2 months ago
Whats a necro-post

oGrqpe: 2 months ago
Your the best ever!!!!!!!

DragonBlaster235: 4 months ago
You are a chill dude.

sccpsteve: 5 months ago
Tacticalmodz I love you!

XSLAYDER_: 11 months ago
I typed the incorrect password and now I can't join with my account. what I can do?

luhmao: about 1 year ago
idk how you do it

Micahjiggs: about 1 year ago
give me cookies

tranquilic: about 1 year ago
100% best skripter 11/10



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About Me

Want to get to know me? I'm a pretty nice person, I like to chill and hang out with people and just having conversations how their day is going or if they are having a bad day. ❤️️ I'm a developer, I like to script ValkNet for passion. ValkNet is a fantastic community service that I provide for the whole minehut community. I'm a very active developer who keeps in touch with their players and the staff team on a daily basis. I'm the owner of ValkNet. I've been hosting it for 5 years and still continue to host it from this day on 😊


Latest Posts

New Features:

  • Added new 24/7 Settings GUI
  • Added "Repair Settings" button to fix any odd bugs that are causing 24/7 servers to be unplayable or be activated
  • You cannot edit 24/7 settings if your server is offline (must be online)


Bug Patches:

  • Fixed "24/7 Servers" button in the server browser of displaying same servers
  • Fixed 24/7 servers you're unable to join from in the 24/7 server list
  • 24/7 Servers no longer go down when services go down



1 day ago

Please explain with further detail with specific information. With this, I can't do much.



8 days ago

I already have something familiar like this (ChatFilter) that will filter any word you like to filter.

I may also do something like this to punish them with the plugin.


Thanks for suggesting this plugin but this will not be added as you predicted.





9 days ago

New Features:

  • Added 24/7 request to prevent major bug issues with the counter and list variable
  • Added "Online Servers" in Server Settings and Server Browser
  • 24/7 Servers no longer go off
  • Added ding sound when your server world has successfully downloaded
  • Added a new broadcast message in the lobby
  • Lowered the auto broadcast message from 5mins to 3mins for more frequent broadcast messages to reach everyone


Bug Patches:

  • Fixed MOTD reset button
  • Fixed colourisation in Server Settings (lobby control panel)
  • Replaced "maxinum" to "maximum" in Server Settings (lobby control panel)
  • Fixed odd typo on Plugin Visibility
  • Fixed a small TPS drop on activation & deactivation
  • Fixed an exploit issue of activating 24/7 being locked in the lobby control panel
  • Fixed audio on when clicking 24/7 button and now forces you to type /buy
  • Fixed audio ding sound on when changing Server Visibility
  • Fixed audio on the control panel if no server plan is detected such as free or premium
  • Fixed audio when stopping the server when the server is already offline
  • Fixed audio when trying to open the control panel till your server name setup has finished
  • Fixed audio on opening control panel if the server is suspended
  • Fixed audio on when trying to download the server but not backed up
  • Fixed audio on all cooldown timers such as waiting an hour after downloading world
  • Fixed audio on all request error messages
  • Fixed audio on detecting if you do not have a server
  • Fixed audio when opening /control for new servers when adjusting server settings
  • Fixed audio on all setup error messages
  • Fixed audio on /control if command is disabled
  • Fixed audio on trying to open /control command in the lobby or other player servers if you do not own that server
  • Fixed audio when /spawn is disabled in player servers
  • Fixed audio for exception list if a player is already added
  • Fixed issue with not giving premium plan when someone purchase a rank
  • Fixed hunger issue with command /cookie in lobby
  • Fixed odd issue with 24/7 servers turning them self offline when the owner leaves ValkNet



14 days ago

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Please use the correct category.



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