Xaateh Donor

TrueFusion: 3 months ago
So awesome

stormch: 7 months ago
is Nice person

Westburn: 7 months ago
best frend on valknet

5mmx: 11 months ago
GG Xaateh! Welcome to staff team :D

Micahjiggs: 11 months ago
Pizza time



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About Me

It seems like your Stalking Me, hmm Well Hey I'm Xaateh A ValkyrieNetwork Staff member a support team member & A event team Leader! I enjoy Every Job that I do on ValkNet And I hope you enjoy what I do on valknet Aswell :D (resigned 07/06/20)


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I just realized that this is gonna be my 100th post so let's make this a good 100th post!



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